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Unf*ckwithable Contract

Clients are AWESOME—until they decide not to pay.

Or want their money back. Or decide to file a chargeback. If you're a freelancer, this * will * happen * to * you * eventually. So, what's your recourse? Enter: The Client Contract of Wet Dreams for Freelancers and Independents. And while the title may be funny, there's nothing else funny about it. This is an Official Document For Ballers Only, and it'll show your clients that you're: (a) A professional; (b) You know what you're doing; and (c) That you're not going to take any sh*t. Worth its weight in gold—literally. Or maybe just tens of thousands of dollars that you might have lost otherwise because people are sometimes awful and you need to be armed.

Developed by a team of intellectual property attorneys in Washington D.C. for Ash Ambirge's own freelance business, this kit comes with:

  • A 45-minute contract bootcamp (screencast) from Ash on what your freelance contract should contain (plus lots of tips based on her own experience) and a full walk through of the contracts and clauses within
  • A Master Client Services Agreement and accompanying Statement of Work (useful when your client pops back in your inbox a month later asking for something, and you don't want to send them another giant agreement but you need ...something)
  • A cheat sheet version with annotations for both for easy reference
  • A downloadable, editable Word version of both for your personal use

Total cost to have contracts created: $5,000

Total cost for you to access today: $97